Proud2Be Project CIC is a community-led social enterprise that seeks to empower all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning &/or intersex (LGBTQI) people to be proud of who they are. Based in South Devon.

“I am happy to be counted as a supporter of Proud2Be at every turn” - Stephen Fry
“A terrific project” - Sir Ian Mckellen
“Proud2Be part of the fab project” - Elly Barnes
“I’m happy to support such an inspiring LGBT organisation led by a dynamic duo!” - Michael Cashman MEP

What they say about Proud2Be

Thank you to all those who support Proud2Be! We are proud to share some of the lovely things people have said about Proud2Be and the work we do! CLICK HERE

South Devon Social Group

We host a friendly and welcoming social group for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning &/or intersex people (LGBTQI) and their friends and family members. We meet every second Thursday of the month in Totnes, at a central, safe and fully accessible venue. Click for more info

Proud2Be Tweets

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CLICK HERE to see our list of other relevant groups and organisations.


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